President Message

Message of GB President

Knowledge is power. Knowledge is one of the means of development of human civilization. I am very happy to know that Pallavi College website has started its journey in the continuity of knowledge practice.

Pallabi College, established in 1993, has come a long way today. In the modern world, there is no alternative to the Internet to maintain good relations with the offices, courts and related departments of the country. In this context, I believe that Pallabi College will play a strong role to the best of its ability.

The 21st century has reached the pinnacle of information technology excellence. Our leader, Hon'ble Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, has declared her firm commitment to build Digital Bangladesh, and accordingly, the enviable advancement of information technology in Bangladesh is also noticeable. There is no alternative to introducing e-governance if our present and future generations are to benefit the country and establish transparency, accountability, and good governance at all levels. I am very happy that Pallabi College has realized the reality and has incorporated information technology, internet, etc. in the institutional education of country and nation-building.

I hope that this good effort of Pallabi College will continue, our teachers and students will make a valuable contribution to building a digital Bangladesh. I wholeheartedly wish the success of the initiative to launch this website and assure overall cooperation.

Sincere congratulations and thanks to all concerned.


Joybangla! Joy Bangabandhu!


Abu Saeed said. Shaykhul Islam

President- ICMAB

President, Pallabi (Degree) College

Duaripara, Rupnagar, Dhaka-1218